Quintus PURUS®,避免 HIP 过程中氧化和变色的新颖工具箱

Quintus 响应行业号召不断开发
清洁 HIP 功能。


Utilising industry best practices for heat treatments of oxygen sensitive alloys to make sure the basics is in place for minimizing oxidation.

Software and hardware upgrade

Fully automized system bakeout routine, utilizing an in-situ HIP vessel gas sampling feedback loop, optimized for minimum process time and gas consumption.

Oxygen getter cassettes

HIP system specific getter cassettes, to use for components made from high oxygen affinity materials such as titanium and aluminium containing alloys.

减轻铬生成物的氧化,减小钛合金的 α 层厚度

Quintus Purus® Enabling clean processing in Hot Isostatic Pressing

Quintus PURUS® 提供清洁的热等静压气体

了解 PURUS® 的策略和组成。通过最佳方案以及新颖的 HPHT™ 设备能力,能够为各种材料体系产生可重复的、均匀一致的部件表面。

Quintus Purus®。实现热等静压过程中的清洁加工

了解 Quintus Purus® 工具箱的使用基础。获取概念以及优点简要介绍。

High Pressure Heat Treatment: Launching Hot Isostatic Pressing to the next level


可对任意批量的工件分别控制和调节压力、加热与冷却速率的能力,是 Quintus HPHT™ 设备成为最先进的 HIP 加工技术的主要因素,设立了当前乃至未来数年的行业标准。



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